‘A Lover is Forever’ Selected for Radio & Podcast Valentines Playlist


My new song, 'A Lover is Forever'--to be released in coming months--was selected for the Women's of Substance Radio & Podcast's 2016 Valentines Playlist along with seven other artists.

Station owner & DJ Bree Noble mentioned at the end of it's play, "That really puts you in the mood for love." Each instrument from the outstanding trumpet, dark, dirge like bow on the bass, the tender piano, the deft, stiletto of the drums, to the intimate, honest, sultry depth of my voice makes for an exquisite, vulnerable, but gorgeous song.  We all heard and felt that instant connection in the studio and it really shows.

What an honor to complete a song in the studio and have it immediately selected to be played on an exclusive, Valentine's playlist for a global radio & podcast.

I'm truly touched it resonated so deeply with others--as it did me when I sang it--especially in the month for lovers and of love. ❤️