Meghan Monroe Radio Interview—The Celebefex Show


Jam City America Radio welcomes Singer-Songwriter Meghan Monroe to The Celebefex Show™ on Saturday May 2nd , 2015.

Show Air Times: 12 noon in San Diego. 1pm in Las Vegas, 2pm in Nashville, 3pm in Miami, 7pm in London, UK. 

The Celebefex show plays in over 50 countries as well as iheart radio and other internet radio stations. 

The Celebefex Show with interviewer James Walsh will be playing all of my new music 'Unlove You,' 'Medley: I'll Make Love to You / End of the Road,' an earlier song 'Meghan's Medley: Tenderly, For Sentimental Reasons, Autumn Leaves,' as well as will be debuting my newest fun, vibrant, exciting song to the world--'La Isla Bonita (Versión de Rose)'.  

""Wait for it . . .!JamCityAmerica debuting an exciting new song this Saturday on my 55 minute radio interview with Meghan Monroe on the Celebefex Show on JamCityAmerica. This song is so much fun and so rich with flavor and excitement, I can't quit listening and dancing! I can't wait for you to hear it! Amazing artists on the song: Lenny Castro (percussion), Carlitos Del Puerto (bass), Raul Pineda (drums), Maitland Ward (guitar), George Friedenthal (piano), Jeff Elliott (trumpet & round horn), Vince Denham (saxophone), Producer: Rosemary Butler"

-James Walsh, Radio Host - Celebefex Show 

It's going to be a fun interview talking about the making of the newly released songs, new music next to be recorded, my songwriting, as well as my years as a writer, director, and producer in the entertainment, technology, and media businesses.  

Meghan Monroe's music is being purchased internationally in countries such as UK, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Malaysia, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland as well as a large global stream fan base.   

You can purchase my music on most music purchase websites such as 

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/meghan-monroe/i...

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Isla-Bonita-Versión-Rose/dp...

as well as find me on most all online radio stations such as iheart radio and all streaming sites.  

I look forward to having you all tune in to the show and am excited to share 55 minutes of fun, thoughtfulness, laughter, and music together. Join us! :D